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We’re practicing lawyers, and we’re proud of it.
(We’re luddites, too, and almost equally proud of that.)
As a result of having written The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law, however, Herrmann is now occasionally asked to comment on things other than defending complex litigation — such as, for example, legal writing.
But here’s a new one. Many readers of this blog surely know about UC-Irvine’s recent hiring, firing, and re-hiring of liberal legal scholar Erwin Chemerinsky to serve as dean of a new law school. The folks at the widely-read TaxProf Blog have asked a collection of folks who think about legal education to propose ideas to Dean Chemerinsky about how best to reform legal education. Since Herrmann wrote Curmudgeon, he was asked to contribute his 250 words of advice to the new dean.
Here’s a link.
(Don’t worry. Our next post will return to drug and device law.)