Photo of Bexis

Google Analytics lets us track our viewers, although at a fairly high level of abstraction.

First the good news: We’re pleased to report that we’ve had more than 25,000 pageviews in the last thirty days — a new high for us. Thanks very much for your interest.

Now the bad news: We see some of you flailing around on the web, trying to find us by word searches of our names, but spelling our names incorrectly.

Take a deep breath.

Here are some key words that we’re now typing into this blog, so that folks can find us, despite the usual errors: James Beck, James M. Beck, James C. Beck, Jim Beck, Bexis, Mark Herrmann, Marc Herrmann, Mark Herman, Mark Herrman, Mark Hermann. We probably should throw in some more variations, too, but it’s just too painful.

We sure do appreciate your taking the time to look. And now it should be just a little easier to find us.

Back to drugs and devices with a substantive post shortly.