Photo of Bexis

Summer’s over, and that means that the speaking invitations are starting to arrive.
The biggest of the events at which one of us has accepted an invitation to speak is ACI’s 13th Annual Drug and Medical Device Litigation conference in New York City on December 9 through 11.
And — for a limited time only, and just for readers of this blog! . . . actually, we’re not sure whether that’s true.
But, in any event, if you use registration code 877CXMN, you’ll save $200 on the price of the conference. (The registration fee is lowest as of today, and will increase, starting this Friday, as the conference approaches. Whenever you register, you’ll save $200 if you use this code.)
If you’re at the conference and enjoy the blog, please do introduce yourself.
(If you’re at the conference, but you don’t enjoy the blog, then we admire your good taste. And we’d love to meet you, too.)