Photo of Bexis

We like you guys. We kind of feel like you’re our buddies down the hall, with whom we share interesting news.

So here are three items from today’s news that may entertain you.

First, here’s speculation that David Frederick, who argued on behalf of Diana Levine in Wyeth v. Levine, is a possible choice for Solicitor General under President Obama. (Please don’t automatically take that comment as criticism. We don’t know much about Frederick, and we’d be among the last to fault lawyers for positions they defended while in private practice. So long as nominees are smart, compassionate, and diligent, we’re happy with people holding a very wide range of views serving on the bench or in government. We’re not taking any position here on Frederick.)

Second, the Ninth Circuit set a compensatory-to-punitive damages ratio of 3 to 1 in Southern Union v. Irvin. Hat tip to, and more coverage at, Life Sciences Legal Update.

Finally, Michael Hausfeld apparently learned of his expulsion from Cohen Milstein by reading a note left on his chair. As to that item, we have nothing to add.