Photo of Bexis

We were pleased to see that USPharmD included us in its list of the “Top 50 Medical Ethics Blogs.” Lord knows, we’re not medical ethicists, but the list includes other topics, such as “medicine and the law” and “pharmaceuticals,” so at least we’re in the neighborhood. More importantly, you may find the other blogs on the list to be of interest.
While we’re on the subject of “blog honors,” please don’t forget that the ABA Journal picked Drug and Device Law as one of the top 100 legal blogs on the web. And the ABA is now conducting a “reader’s choice” poll to select the best of the best. We could use your support; vote here.
Given our comparatively small readership, we feel outgunned in this contest. So we’re resorting to tactics suggested by one of our home state governors:
We know you won’t give away your [bleeping] vote for free. We’ll pay you for it! Vote for us; we’ll send you a check. Remember: Beck and Herrmann — Vote for us and nobody gets hurt.
(It felt like a privilege to live in Chicago on election night, just six weeks ago. How quickly times change.)