Photo of Bexis

Last month, we told you that the Wall Street Journal had published an article recognizing the importance of the recent Supreme Court case of Ashcroft v. Iqbal.

Today, The New York Times joined the crowd.

The Times article is noteworthy for two reasons: First, it shows that the popular press has now recognized the importance of Iqbal. Second — and more important to us, but less important to you — the article quotes one of your humble scribes.

(For readers tracking the benefits of blogging, that’s the second time we’ve been quoted by the Times as a result of our labors here. The first time (here) was in the wake of the Riegel v. Medtronic decision a year and a half ago. We’re not sure that quite compensates for the effort that we put into this labor of love, but it’s certainly nice to be recognized.)