Photo of Bexis

The calm of Summer has ended, and that means we’ll once again start trotting around the country to give talks. Here’s the current line-up for the next three months:
October 2: The two of us will speak to the editors of the American Bar Association’s many websites about effective blogging and drawing traffic to a site.
(Pssst: Pick a niche. Keep fresh content flowing. Only be pompous occasionally.
That’s it! Now they can cancel the talk!)
October 8: Herrmann will give his hour-long “book talk” about The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law at the Chicago Bar Association.
October 15: Bexis will speak on a panel at the Product Liability Advisory Council on developments on preemption and pleading.
October 29: Herrmann will participate in a webinar on MDL Litigation and Emerging State Coordination Procedures. Here’s a link to the on-line brochure.
November 14: Herrmann will speak on recent developments in preemption at the annual meeting of the American Society of Pharmacy Law.
December 8: Herrmann will be a panelist on “Law in Cyberspace: Legal Blogging and the Courts” at a Northwestern University Judicial Education Program symposium. (That invitation to speak was prompted by our post on the ethics of ex parte blogging, available here for the curious.)
December 9: Herrmann will be a panelist on asserting a preemption defense in the post-Levine, post-Riegel world at the American Conference Institute’s 14th Annual Drug and Medical Device Litigation Conference in New York City. Here’s a link to the program brochure. (And another link to the discount available for readers of this blog.)
And then it’ll be 2010.
’09 sure disappeared in a heartbeat, didn’t it?