We are honored to announce that the ABA Journal has once again recognized the Drug and Device Blog (that’s us) as one of the top 100 legal blogs of the year. Here’s the announcement.

If we’re judged by the company we keep, we must be doing pretty well, as once again the ABA Journal has recognized a number of our outstanding colleagues – including some sites we visit daily – for their hard work, insight, and contribution to the discourse. This is a club we don’t mind joining.

If we’re judged by what we do, we’re relieved. This is our first year without our blogger emeritus Mark Herrmann, who not only went in house at Aon, but later defected to Above the Law. Good luck to Mark in all his endeavors, but this is about us – we’re pleased to know that yes, we can do the blog thing ourselves.

In what’s becoming a December tradition, the ABA Journal is collecting reader votes for the best blog in each of twelve categories – you’ll find us here under “torts.” Voting closes December 30, and if you’d like to vote for us, you can show your support by voting here.

And thanks again to all of you for reading – we appreciate the support, and it’s your readership, submissions, comments, and kind words that have kept us going for five years.