Photo of Bexis

We’ve received an interesting request recently, in response to our Parisian 2.0 list of transcripts (recently supplemented again, BTW) and we’re passing it along to our readers.
It seems that Ken Heineman at Husch Blackwell moonlights as an adjunct professor at WUSL (that’s Washington University in St. Louis) Law School and teaches a course in, as he describes it, “attacking expert witnesses.”  It’s a practical class for third year law students, and he’s looking for videotapes of good expert cross-examination technique.
So, if you think you demolished an expert (relatively) recently, and have a copy of your performance on videotape that you (and your client, of course) wouldn’t mind being in the public domain as a law school teaching tool, please contact Ken directly (at  You can be a star!
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