Photo of Bexis

Two of our bloggers, McConnell and Bexis, will be presenting a free, hour-long webinar on “Personal Jurisdiction: What Bauman Does and Doesn’t Mean, The Other Side’s Response, and Why Corporations Should Care” this coming Tuesday, June 14 at 12 p.m. ET.

As our readers know, post Bauman, plaintiffs’ lawyers are revising their strategies, looking for ways around the decision to keep cases in their favorite forums, such as “consent” and “pendent jurisdiction.” To take full advantage of Bauman, defendants have to keep up. McConnell and Bexis can help you there. They’ll be examining recent personal jurisdiction rulings and discussing step-by-step what corporations can learn from them in order to take fullest advantage of the jurisdictional limitations Bauman imposes.

As if that’s not enough, participants can also get 1.0 general CLE credit in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia.

Interested? You can register here.