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A long time ago in a law school relatively far away, we took torts as a first year law student.  Many of the cases about which we learned (or were supposed to have learned) were from even longer ago and we had no idea how much some of those old cases would inform our practice. 

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We’ve brought you some great news from the gadolinium contrast agent litigation last year and the hits just keeping on coming.  This time out of federal court in Arizona.  And while the court is giving plaintiff another stab at re-pleading her case, we are doubtful plaintiff will be able to cure the deficiencies identified in

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Late last night we received this message from a correspondent (who will remain anonymous since we lack permission):

Hopefully the groundwork for getting Conte thrown-out has been laid.  Only a matter of time.  And with any luck we’ll have an opportunity some day soon.

Getting a message like that makes us sit up a little