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One of your humble scribes (Herrmann) has just returned from a couple of weeks in Benton, Illinois, trying a case in which plaintiff alleged that her husband’s ingestion of a prescription antidepressant caused him to commit suicide.

Plaintiff’s counsel was Andy Vickery, of Houston, who has tried two of the three previous antidepressant suicide cases that went to verdict. (Vickery was one and one historically. We’re pleased to report that he’s now one and two.)

Plaintiff’s experts were Joseph Glenmullen and Ronald Maris, with David Healy called as a rebuttal expert.

The trial ran from July 10 through July 24. The 12-person jury deliberated for three hours before returning a unanimous defense verdict.

Visitors to this blog who are defending antidepressant manufacturers should feel free to contact us off-line for details. There’s not much we can post publicly about this, but we’re always happy to help others in our defense fraternity.