Photo of Bexis

A bunch of law schools have asked the more curmudgeonly of your two scribes — Herrmann — to give “book talks” on campus about his little book, The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law. The Curmudge spoke last week at The University of Michigan Law School and has future dates scheduled at Lewis and Clark, St. John’s, and others. The talk runs from 45 minutes to an hour and has been greeted with reactions ranging from belly laughs (from older audiences) to nervous giggles (from law students).

If any scholars visiting this site think that a Curmudgeon book talk might entertain (or inform, or outrage, or whatever) folks at their law schools, feel free to contact Herrmann at the e-mail address over in the right-hand column of this blog. As regular readers of this blog know, we’re all too willing to rant in public.

(No honorarium requested, although schools outside of the Chicago area might have to pick up air fare.)