Sharp-eyed readers of our blog (those who really need to get a life) will notice something different today. For the rest of you … well, we’ll tell you. Over on the right-hand margin, in our Archives section, just below our Index of Posts, there are two more links, one to “Drug Preemption Scorecard” and the other to “Device Preemption Scorecard.”
These are here for a reason. We’ve decided that, as new preemption decisions come down, or as the status of existing decisions changes, we’ll update the prior scorecard posts to include the new information. Henceforth (a nifty little lawyer jargon word) these posts can be your “one-stop shopping” location for current information about preemption decisions. Of course, if we find a particular decision of significant interest, we’ll blog about it specifically. But not every preemption decision warrants a separate post.
The device preemption scorecard has already been updated once.
The converse of our doing this is as follows: If you’ve got a new preemption decision (pro or con – although we like pro a lot better) that you don’t see on the list, by all means pass it along to us. We can’t add what we don’t know about.