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1. The Department of Justice charged the former associate general counsel of Tenet Healthcare with violating the False Claims Act. The suit alleges that Christi Sulzbach certified that Tenet was in compliance with Medicare laws despite being aware that Tenet had entered into employee contracts with doctors that might be considered suspect under the laws.
This report comes from HealthLaw 360. (This link should attach at least to the lead of the article. It’s possible that you must subscribe to read the entire item.)
2. Ingredients exported from China are often made by chemical companies that are neither certified nor inspected by Chinese drug regulators. The companies therefore apparently export unapproved or counterfeit ingredients, according to today’s New York Times.
3. The New Jersey Supreme Court is considering whether Merck can be liable to folks who ingested Vioxx and allegedly suffered “silent heart attacks,” Torts Prof Blog reports.
4. The two of us are still going strong, blogging on into our second year. Now that’s scary!
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