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Overlawyered recently posted a list of its ten favorite legal blogs — and we made the list!
And the Deliberations Blog posted a list of five “Thinking Bloggers” — and we made that list, too!
Blogging may not bring us fame, fortune, or chances to lie on white sand beaches sipping exotic drinks with little umbrellas stuck in ’em, but it does have certain satisfactions — and being recognized by your peers is one of them. (On the other hand, if anyone has any thoughts on fame, fortune, or foo-foo drinks, we’re all ears.) Thank you, blogosphere!
(We understand that we’re now supposed to identify our own ten favorite legal blogs and five thinking bloggers, and we do hope to do that some day. In the meantime, check out the blogs and other websites to which we’ve linked over in the right-hand column of this blog. We linked to those places for a reason — to our eye, each one of them provides intelligent thinking, useful resources, or both.)
UPDATE: Minor Wisdom has now also selected us as one of its ten favorite legal blogs. Here’s the post. (No word yet on that fame or fortune stuff. As soon as someone checks in on that score, we’ll let you know.)