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The newswires reported this morning that Pfizer picked off a Daubert motion in its Celebrex multidistrict litigation proceeding.
It did, indeed, with Judge Breyer rejecting as junk science plaintiffs’ proffered expert testimony that Celebrex is capable of causing heart attacks or strokes at the 200mg/day level.
We may have more to say after we have a chance to think about this decision.
On the other hand, we may do a couple of short, easy posts, before the holiday, and then settle back into too much turkey and stuffing.
You’ll know either way within 48 hours.
UPDATE: This news is now raging around the web. Here’s the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Torts Prof (who reports that the metadata in the copy of the opinion to which we linked above, courtesy of Pharmalot, shows that Lieff Cabraser supplied the copy — ick!), and the Wall Street Journal On-Line.