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We can’t resist.
Posting the best and worst product liability decisions of 2007 isn’t enough.
How about the best pharmaceutical stories — legal or non-legal — of the year?
But we’re not pulling on the laboring oar for this one; we’re just searching the web.
Over at Pharma’s Market on, Mike Huckman thinks about financial issues. His list of the top stories of the year include Avandia, Dendreon, and stents, all of which are well-known to product liability lawyers.
Pharm Aid nominates it own top ten, including the FDA’s decision to crack down on over-the-counter cold and cough medicines, the Vioxx settlement, and the slowing pace of drug approvals. includes in its “top ten health policy stories of the year” the emergence of health care as a leading issue in the presidential campaign, the lack of health insurance for tens of millions of Americans, and gaps in prescription health coverage for seniors.
Finally, the World of DTC Marketing predicts that 2008 will see major stories about the side effects of drugs or data allegedly hidden by pharmaceutical companies. (Forgive our cynicism, but we would add to those bold predictions a couple of our own: (1) a major Hollywood star will disclose a substance abuse problem, and (2) the campaign for the American presidency will turn negative at some point.)
That’s it for ’07.
Have a happy and healthy new year!