We’re tired – Tired of blatant lying about COVID-19 and the vaccines that can stop it.  Tired of miserable, selfish people who won’t take basic, proven health precautions to combat COVID-19, endangering not only themselves, but everyone else as well.  We’re tired of obstructionist politicians who cynically seek to prolong the pandemic for political ends. 

Once again we undertake our annual task of sorting through the worst decisions of the year in prescription medical product liability litigation.  These are the true superspreaders of litigation against our clients, extending the contagion of non-socially distanced litigation tourism and other infectious forms of attorney-solicited lawsuits far and wide, to the detriment of almost

We’ve heard that we should welcome some new subscribers, who aren’t that interested in drug and device litigation, per se, but have been attracted by our coverage of personal jurisdiction issues relating to tort litigation generally.  Thanks for joining.  Here is a brief description of our available personal jurisdiction resources.

First, we maintain a personal

Happy New Year!

It’s been 3 ½ years since we last updated our index to our online research resources.  That’s almost ⅓ of the total life of the blog, which started in way back in 2006.  We’ve been blogging now for well over ten years.  Our first substantive research post, on the presumption against