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We must be slipping. For the Riegel v. Medtronic oral argument we had two attendees offer to send us detailed reports, and one of them actually did. Nobody’s made us an offer for Monday’s oral argument before the Supreme Court in Warner Lambert v. Kent. So we’ll make everyone out there an offer. If you’re attending the kent oral argument, keep detailed notes (see the Riegel post for what we like), and send us a Word document with those notes before the argument transcript is released, we’ll acknowledge you just like we did with our intrepid correspondent in Riegel.

So you’ll get your name in lights on the most-read products liability blog on the Internet.

That and a five bucks might get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks (we’re old enough to remember when the operative amount for that joke was a dime).

Anyone hard core enough to take us up on this offer can contact either (or both) of us by email.