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We’ve been at this for nearly a year and a half now, to the tune of over 400 posts.

Man, are we tired.

On the other hand, we’re awfully proud of . . . well, four of those 400 posts.

These are our favorites:

We really liked our Anatomy of a Mass Tort from June 2007. Without identifying either a product or a defect, we traced how a prototypical mass tort progresses. And, oddly enough, our prototype has generally matched the mass torts that have broken out since we posted nearly a year ago.

We liked The FDA’s Amicus Curiae Briefs on Preemption – Redux, too. In that post, we both gathered in one place all of the relevant FDA submissions (which was worth doing) and traced how the FDA’s position has evolved over time. That post is a handy research tool, if we do say so ourselves.

While we’re thinking about research tools, we thought that Headcount: Who’s Adopted The Learned Intermediary Rule was also worth posting. It’s a 50-state survey of the learned intermediary doctrine and thus an easy first step for research.

Finally, we liked Happy Birthday To Us! because, well, we like a good party.

Four decent posts out of 400.

What’s more surprising — that we wrote four good ones, or that you folks stuck with us all this time?

But we sure do appreciate it. And, with any luck at all, we’ll find four posts that we like out of the next 400 that we write, too.