Photo of Bexis

We haven’t yet seen on-line responses at AdamSmithEsq or LexBlog, but we were otherwise pleased to see the reaction to the provocative little post about blogging that we published on Friday.
First, we thought the comments that our visitors appended to that post were interesting and thoughtful. We’re delighted to be in such good company.
Second, our post drew other attention in the blogosphere. Simple Justice came to our defense (we think), saying that the substance of our blog trumps its amateurish appearance. (We like to think that the substance of our oral arguments trumps our keen sense of fashion, too, but one never knows.) How Appealing, Minor Wisdom, and the Delaware Litigation Blog all linked to us, too, although more to echo our question than to answer it.
We also did some soul-searching, and we figured out the one undeniable benefit of blogging.
Every couple of days, we check Google Analytics to see who’s visiting our blog. Analytics shows you a map of the world, and, as you move your cursor around the map, the name of each country (and number of visitors to the blog from that country) appears.
This has been a great education for us! Even last year, we were both pretty good at western Europe, but now neither one of us ever confuses The Netherlands with Belgium. Herrmann finally figured out which country was Indonesia and which was Malaysia. Bexis is getting much stronger at the countries of the former Soviet Union. And both of us — both of us! — now know which one of those puppies is the Ivory Coast and which one is Ghana.
So blog, blog, blog! Otherwise, although you might beat us in court, we’ll kick the stuffing out of you at this geography game.