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We don’t usually do “around the web” posts, but we’re making an exception today to highlight three items.
First, we posted last week about Brownlee and Lenzer’s list of “pharma free” experts and drew quite a dust-up in your comments to that post. Yesterday, Brownlee and Lenzer published a guest post at Pharmalot explaining and justifying their creation of the list.
Second, and in that same vein, Torts Prof posted this morning about an order entered in the Welding Rod litigation requiring both plaintiffs and defendants to disclose the amount of funding they’d provided to the authors of articles the parties relied upon in the litigation.
Finally, we also posted last week about the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision in Masquat v. DaimlerChrysler affirming a trial court’s decision to certify a nationwide class action. Yesterday, Overlawyered published a post illustrating how plaintiffs can forum shop and thus use Oklahoma courts as a vehicle for obtaining settlements that might not be available elsewhere.