We just received this e-mail about a video webcast that will be available tomorrow:

“Courtroom View Network (“CVN”) will provide a live and on demand video webcast of oral arguments on a motion to remand State of West Virginia v. Eli Lilly & Co. back to West Virginia state courts on Tuesday, September 9. Oral arguments are also expected on trial discovery orders.

The hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. in United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York before Hon. Jack Weinstein.

The case is related to the ongoing multi-district Zyprexa class action liability litigation overseen by Judge Weinstein.

You can sign up for access to this hearing at www.courtroomlive.com.”

We’re not necessarily recommending this.

Heck — it’s an argument on a motion to remand and trial discovery orders. That’d be a little tedious even for procedural jocks like us.

But this is, to our knoweldge, a new wrinkle in the coverage of drug and device cases, so we thought we’d share the word.