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Every once in a while, we run into interesting stuff on the web.
Today, we thought we’d share a few things with you.
First, Professor William Rubinstein of Harvard Law School hosted the Class Action Prof Blog until he seemingly gave up the ghost last year. But, in his last post, he linked to this outline of cases decided under CAFA. The outline appears to be fairly comprehensive through the date on which it was prepared, in August 2007.
Second, the Federal Evidence Blog has this history explaining why recently enacted new Federal Rule of Evidence 502 does not contain a provision addressing selective waiver of the attorney client privilege or work product doctrine.
Finally, the Federal Civil Practice Bulletin has this post collecting many of the cases holding that, for purposes of assessing diversity jurisdiction, the citizenship of a Limited Liability Company is determined by the citizenship of all of its members. That should save you some time doing research when you next confront that question.