Photo of Bexis

bWe’re under construction.

No, we’re not changing our defiantly clunky appearance. Our readers come for the substance, not to look at pretty pictures and fancy fonts.

But we are under construction.

A lot of our links are broken. You don’t have to tell us, we know. We’re trying to fix them, but it’s one more thing to do whenever we can get around to us.

The site (File Den) that hosted our uploads, and thus our links to things like FDA amicus briefs, suddenly closed our account, with neither notice nor explanation. We have no idea why, but that closure broke all of our links.

We’d demand our money back, except the service was free.

We know, we know … you get what you pay for.

Anyway, we’re trying to fix these links, but sometimes we have to go out and try to find things all over again. We’ve got most of them since August working but before that … well, we’re under construction.