Photo of Bexis

As Product Liability Law360 (subscription required), Bloomberg News , AmLaw, and several plaintiff blogs have already mentioned, AstraZeneca scored big yesterday in the Seroquel litigation. Bloomberg reports that “AstraZeneca faces about 9000 lawsuits with more than 15,000 plaintiffs in the U.S. over claims that Seroquel causes diabetes.” The news is that yesterday Chief Judge Anne C. Conway, who presides over the Seroquel multidistrict litigation, orally granted summary judgment dismissing both of the two Florida bellwether plaintiffs (Guinn and Haller) whose cases were scheduled to go to trial on Monday February 2, 2009.

Bexis has been up to his eyeballs in defending the Seroquel litigation, and the relevant documents were filed under seal, so that limits what we can say at this point. Once an opinion comes down (maybe Monday), perhaps there’ll be more – since, temperamentally, we’d like not to leave any plaintiff-side comments go unrebutted in the blawgosphere.

Right now we simply tip our hats and congratulate AstraZeneca and its lawyers for a very nice job and an excellent result on the toughest playing field there is – MDL litigation.