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One of your humble scribes — Herrmann — has teamed up with two co-authors to publish
“Making Class Actions Work: The Untapped Potential of the Internet,” 69 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 727 (2008), which is just hitting newsstands today.

In the article, Herrmann, his colleague Brad Harrison, and his former colleague (and now Dean of the Lewis & Clark Law School) Bob Klonoff first canvas the current uses of the internet in class action litigation. The authors go on to propose ways that the internet can be used to improve class action procedure in the future. Among other proposals, they suggest creating a centralized website that contains all information about pending federal class action lawsuits, webcasting certain class action proceedings, and using the internet to facilitate two-way communications between absent class members, counsel, and the court.

We can’t yet find a decent link on-line, but we’ll provide one here if we ever unearth one.

UPDATE: Here’s the promised link, now that we have both a pdf of the article and the necessary copyright permission to reprint. Enjoy!