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Want to kick up some dirt in the blogosphere?
Publish a blog post about . . . blogging!
Herrmann’s post on Monday about “blogging as a business development tool” attracted some attention around the web. We welcome our new readers from the Wall Street Journal Law Blog (nice photo, Dan), Above the Law (which sent us nearly 700 visitors with that little throwaway line and link), Simple Justice (okay, okay; a book is in the mail), Legal Blog Watch, Law and More, Mr. Thorne, Speechwriter-Ghostwriter, and LexBlog.
There was also quite a reaction in the “comments” to our own original post.
On that last score, we particularly liked the speculation that we were so famous before we started blogging that any additional prominence due to blogging simply couldn’t attract more business. Thanks, Mom.
(And a special note to “commenters” Kevin and Kevin: Gentlemen, back to your corners!)