Photo of Bexis

Both of your humble scribes have agreed to participate in upcoming academic symposia to discuss the issue of preemption.
Herrmann will participate in the NYU Annual Survey of American Law Symposium, “Tort Law in the Shadow of Preemption,” in New York City on Friday, February 27. Other speakers include Richard Nagareda, Peter Schuck, Catherine Sharkey, Richard Epstein, Elizabeth Cabraser, and Allison Zieve.
Bexis will participate in the Hamline Law Review Symposium, “The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act: Searching for the Crossroads of Safety and Innovation,” in Saint Paul on Friday, April 3. Other speakers include Richard Samp, Robert Weiner, Catherine Sharkey (she gets around, doesn’t she?), David Prince, and David Vladeck.
And, in a slightly less scholarly mode, Herrmann will be presenting his “book talk” about The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law at Harvard Law School at noon on Wednesday, March 11. For information about that event, contact Elaine Ventola in Harvard Law’s Office of Career Services.
If you read the blog and choose to attend any of those events, please do introduce yourself.