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Yeah, it happens. None of us are perfect. We have been given the following correction to the recent guest post on the upcoming changes to deadlines under the federal rules:
Thanks again for publishing my guest column. Unfortunately, part of it was wrong. Neville Boschert, a sharp lawyer in Jackson Mississippi, pointed out that 6(d), allowing three days for mail service, is still in the 2009 West edition of the rules. I went straight to the top, and spoke with a fellow at the US Courts Rule Committee, who confirmed 6(d), the three days for mail service, is still part of the rule. He said he gets that question a lot lately.
Caution: The texts of the revised rules that are being circulated around (including on Westlaw) are the “clean copy” from the U.S. Supreme Court to the U.S. Senate, which only include the portions of each rule that contain changes. The omission of 6(d) means that it continues in the same form – I incorrectly assumed it meant that portion was not part of the new rule. My source did say that subsection was on the agenda and may not survive much longer, given the growing prevalence of efiling.