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It’s not a big deal, but why does this happen?

We’ve been on the road a lot recently, so we’ve stayed in a lot of hotels. We’ve stayed in fancy hotels (the del Coronado in San Diego and the Hay-Adams in DC) and we’ve stayed in Holiday Inn Expresses in little towns.

We’re bloggers. That means we carry our laptops with us when we travel.

The internet access at hotels has been generally improving. It’s usually free, now – a change from even just a year ago. The hotels are also doing better with the hardware (plugs and ethernet cable connections) than they used to.

But no mouse pads.

Almost every hotel we’ve stayed at provides us some sort of glass-topped desk. That’s fine, except that kind of surface doesn’t generate enough friction to work a computer mouse very well.

We need mouse pads. We’ve used newspapers, magazines, room service menus, etc. to get suitable friction.

We wonder if our readers share our frustrations. It would be so easy for hotels to supply mouse pads in their rooms – they could even put their logos on them.

So this is a plea, and a question, to all you hoteliers out there. Help us out here. If you’re going to provide internet access, and a glass-topped table for our computers, please stick a mousepad in the desk drawer along with the Gideons and the stationery.

End of rant.