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Mark Herrmann was never one to go anywhere quietly.  His announcement that he was retiring from blogging, leaving Jones Day, and taking an in-house position at Aon, the big insurance brokerage (not necessarily in that order of importance) produced quite a reaction in the blawgosphere.
Jane Genova’s Law and More “congratulated” Mark on his career move, recounted some of his “communications” achievements, and speculated openly on how, if at all, Jones Day would  “replace” him.
Kevin LaCroix, over at the D&O Diary, lamented that the blogosphere “is losing one of its most talented and esteemed members” as well as “one of its most intelligent, cantankerous and amusing voices.”  But since the Diary covers insurance related issues, it couldn’t resist gloating a bit – welcoming Herrmann to its side of the fence.
Tommy Law agrees, calling Mark “one of the all time great bloggers.”
On Above the Law, Herrmann’s departure from blogging counted as a “non-sequitur” – along with the blogging equivalent of a gold watch:  “best of luck . . . in his future endeavors.”
Likelihood of Confusion thanked Mark for having a “lawyer’s idea of a heart,” and warned Mark about what he was getting into with the career change.
Point of Law likewise took note of Mark’s departure from blogging – in a “just the facts, ma’am” manner.  The Wall Street Journal took similar note of the changing of the guard, as did the Compliance Building Blog.
The TortsProf Blog also noted Mark’s passing, interpreting “other ends” “very loosely” to do it.
The Health Care Law Blog adds its “farewell and congratulations,” mentioning that the “informal, practical and lighthearted” tone of his (our) posts attracted even readers who didn’t play in our sandbox.
The Tweeters also joined in to give Mark an appropriate send off.
Even the other side of the fence joined in – Herrmann always could disagree without being disagreeable – with the Drug Recall Lawyer Blog calling Mark’s departure “the end of an era” (plaintiff-side lawyers love that purple prose) and actually hoping that this blog would continue (as we’ve said, it will).
For our part – we’ll never forget Mark, his accomplishments, and his friendship either.  He’ll always be “blogger emeritus” on this site.