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We can’t say much about these, because Dechert represents the defendants in Seroquel litigation, but here are two more decisions just handed down in Delaware Superior Court (Delaware courts are superior) granting summary judgments in Seroquel cases:  Hopkins v. AstraZeneca, C.A. No. 06C-01-325 SER, slip op. (Del. Super. New Castle Co. March 31, 2010); Jones v. AstraZeneca, C.A. No. 07C-01-420-SER,  slip op. (Del. Super. New Castle Co. March 31, 2010).
Both cases turn on Delaware Daubert issues.  The court held that the plaintiff’s experts (a Dr. Greene in Hopkins, and a Dr. Zweig in Jones) didn’t articulate a valid, testable methodology for their opinions.  In Hopkins additional grounds concerning specific methodological flaws, including excessive reliance on temporal relationships, alternative causes, and the expert’s use of epidemiological and clinical trial data.
We don’t want to break our arms patting ourselves on the back here, so we’ll just say congrats to Steven Weisburd, Dave Venderbush, and the rest of the Seroquel team.