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As email users, spam is one of the banes of our existence.  Fortunately our spam detectors now block most of it.  As bloggers, spammed comments to our posts is another headache we have to put up with.  Given the subject matter of our blog, we mention a lot of drugs in our posts.  That attracts spam comments with links to “Canadian” pharmacies and other Internet underworld sites offering to sell drugs without a proper prescription.  We delete them whenever we find them.
There may not be a whole lot anybody can do about spam generally, but there is something anybody can do about prescription drug related spam.  The FDA would like everyone to report emails and other internet scams involving improper sales of prescription drugs.  Upon receipt of any email offering “cheap Viagra,” “cheap Hydrocodone,” or the like (the selection is astounding) over the internet without seeing a doctor, it would be helpful to forward the email to the FDA at .  We just did that with our last spam comment.
If you want to do more, you can fill out an FDA form to report a rogue website.  For more information on the FDA’s program to combat illegal Internet sales of prescription drugs, go here.
While we have our issues with the other side in our cases, we don’t harbor any personal enmity towards them.  But we really hate spam and spammers.