Photo of Bexis

Doesn’t the government have more important things to do than prosecute Barry Bonds for lying about supposed steroid use?  We certainly hope so – it’s sort of the baseball version of Bill and Monica.  Anyway, before we get off on more of a tangent, here’s a copy of United States v. Bonds, slip op. (9th Cir. June 11, 2010), affirming the trial court’s ruling that what the government claims are Bonds’ blood/urine sample records from BALCO (the place where the steroids allegedly came from) are in fact inadmissible hearsay.  The government’s interlocutory appeal is denied.  It will be hard to prove perjury without that evidence, which is why the government appealed.
We hope the government will now get back to more important work.  We can’t say whether or not Bonds took steroids.  We can’t even remember if Major League Baseball banned steroid use at the time.  If he did, then we’d have to say that they worked – some of  Bonds’ statistics for the period are unreal – sort of like the hitting equivalent of a pitcher throwing spitballs.