Photo of Bexis

As our regular readers know, here at DDlaw we concentrate pretty single-mindedly on content.  We don’t do pictures; we don’t do videos, we don’t do gossip.  We just try to keep everyone on the defense side of prescription drug and device product liability litigation informed of whatever we think is interesting or important at any given time.
That’s what we’ve done for over five years, now.  That’s right, the Drug And Device Law Blog turned five a couple of weeks ago, but we were too much otherwise engaged to say much about that.  Once you get as accustomed to blogging as we have – once it becomes as much a part of our ordinary day, the anniversaries don’t have as much meaning as they used to.  Blogging just becomes part of our blood, part of who we are.  Don’t just take our word for it, think of our blogger emeritus, Mark Herrmann.  He decides to be done with litigation, and goes in house, thinking he’s leaving blogging behind.  But he can’t.  So less than a year later he’s back at it, blogging about something else.
Well, we’re still here, and still at it.  And every now and then somebody notices.  For three years, it’s been AmLaw.  We’ve got three AmLaw top 100 blog badges on the right-hand side of the screen.  Not bad for a blog that still uses the same basic Blogger software that came with the right price (free) five years ago.
Now, it’s LexisNexis.  We got word the other day that we’ve been chosen as a “nominated candidate” for the LexisNexis Top 25 Tort Blogs of 2011.  We got a badge for that, too.  You can see it on the right hand side of the screen.
We’re flattered (that’s not hard to do), but all that means is that we’re a “nominee.”  Fine.  That’s not going to change what we do, but that also makes you out there the electorate.  So consider the following question.
If you were picking the best blogs about torts, would Drug and Device law make your top 25?
If the answer to that question is yes (or even if it’s not) you are invited to mosey on over to the LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community and say so.  Yeah, it’s a business for Lexis/Nexis (we know, they charge us enough to use their data bases), so you have to register (it’s free).  But if you think we’re deserving of the honor, we invite you to visit there and let them know.  The comment box is at the bottom of the nomination page, and comments are being accepted through November 17.  We won’t ask you again, since we’re about content, not personality contests, but we thought we’d at least let our readers know of this opportunity….
Now, back to drug and device law.