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While the Supreme Court’s docket is famously compacted (it will only issue an estimated 77 opinions from this term), the October 2012 Term featured 6
reported decisions in class or collective action cases.  Given the depth and breadth of the issues addressed as well as the continuing development of
aggregate litigation issues in the lower courts, seven of DRI’s substantive law committees – including its Drug and Medical Device Committee – are jointly
presenting the 2013 DRI Class Actions Seminar.  The program will be held at the historic Willard Hotel in Washington DC on July 25 and 26, 2013.
Speakers will include Supreme Court advocates Ted Boutrous, Miguel Estrada, Noah Levine, and Michael Kellogg, each of whom was involved in one or more the pending Supreme Court cases.   In addition, two panels featuring five in-house counsel will offer their thoughts on defending class actions both
nationally and internationally.  Add in several other well-known members of the class action bar speaking on other hot-button topics and you have the
makings of an outstanding program.