Photo of Bexis

This coming Wednesday, September 24th at 12:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT, three of your Reed Smith bloggers, Steve Boranian, Steve McConnell, and myself (Bexis) will be presenting a teleseminar that we’ve entitled, “And the Verdict Is…: Recent Trends in Drug and Device Litigation.”

What we’ll be talking about are some of the more notable trends that we have observed in drug and device litigation since the beginning of the year.  One of those topics is what the recent Supreme Court Bauman decision portends (and in some cases is already doing) to mass tort personal jurisdiction.  We’ll also discuss what types of claims plaintiffs seeking refuge from preemption are bringing and how those have fared.  These include innovator liability, driven by generic preemption, and a variety of claims driven by PMA medical device preemption.  Attendees will also hear about  recent developments in litigation involving off-label use, developments regarding the learned intermediary rule, and the “Third Man” – that is, claims brought by unusual plaintiffs or against unusual categories of defendants.  Join us for a one-hour presentation during which we will discuss these trends, their effects (or possible future effects) on litigation involving the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and how these industries should prepare themselves for future litigation. To register for this free program, click here.

Talk to you then.