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In a first for the DDLaw Blog, we’re an official “Media Partner” for the American Conference Institute’s 19th Annual Drug & Medical Device Litigation Conference, to be held December 8-10, in New York City.

That means we’re going to be there – and you can be too. More cheaply than usual, it turns out. Anybody who signs up with ACI can get $200 off of the conference price when registering if they mention the Drug and Device Law Blog. ACI gave us a discount/promo code for that – it’s “DD200.”

Still, why would you want to do that?

Here’s why:

1. The agenda’s been revamped, relying on customer research and on recommendations from the insights of an Advisory Board with 10 in-house members, from litigation-savvy companies like Johnson & Johnson, W.L. Gore, and others.

2. This year’s conference co-chairs from Bayer, Eli Lilly, and Medtronic who have created a cutting-edge program.

3. Dynamite in-house faculty speakers – more than 20 of them − including Actavis, Biomet, Bard, GSK, du Pont, Endo, McKesson, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Olympus, Roche, and Teva. They’re litigating what we write about here on DDLaw.

4. The kind of up-to-the-minute things you need to know: e-discovery post-Actos, social media in litigation; the latest creative theories on removal (including CAFA), third-party payors, and third party litigation funding.

5. A bunch of judges – we count seven – from California (Kramer), Illinois (Herndon), Indiana (Nuechterlain), Louisiana (Methvin), Minnesota (Tunheim), New Jersey (Pisano), and New York (Keenan). In other words, judges you’ve heard of.

6. FDA-related topics, including the keynote speaker, along with topics near and dear to our hearts, such as off-label use/promotion, and lots of preemption (generic and medical device).

7. “Meet-Ups” facilitated by in-house counsel, included in the conference registration, an opportunity to swap litigation war stories, and product-specific updates on mesh, anti-psychotics, and blood thinners. More stuff you can use.

8. In-house insights − What do General Counsel really want from their defense teams − in the pre-conference session, “View from the General Counsel’s Office: Limiting Liability and Managing and Reducing Costs in Drug and Med Litigation.”

9. Ethics CLE – This year’s topics being, Inclusion, Diversity, and the Products Credits Liability Bar (don’t come to places like Philly without ‘em); and Dealing with the Increasingly Aggressive Plaintiffs’ Bar Without Sinking to Their Level.

10. Networking, networking, and more networking – ACI has sponsored cocktail receptions, luncheons, and other organized activities designed to encourage mingling with hundreds of peers throughout the country.

See you there.