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Last month, we described the proposal by the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Medical Professional Liability concerning legislation on “defective medical products” and punitive damages for “patient harm allegedly caused” by them.  Over the last month, we have seen statements issued by a number of professional groups urging the ABA Delegates to reject the proposal.  We wanted to share these statements with our readers, who may be affiliated with some of these groups and/or may want to weigh in directly.  They come from AdvaMed, the ABA’s Products Liability Committee, PhRMA and the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, and an alphabet soup of DRI, IADC, PLAC, the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel, the Association of Defense Trial Attorneys, and Lawyers for Civil Justice.  Feel free to forward us other oppositions so that we may post them to facilitate sharing and hopefully help defeat a truly bad proposal.


We later got the attached from the New Jersey Civil Justice Insitute.  We have heard of others in the works and will add them here as we get final copies.