Photo of Stephen McConnell

Last weekend saw the annual Blobfest celebration in Phoenixville, PA.  Blobfest commemorates the cheesy 1958 horror film The Blob, in which a very young Steve McQueen saves mankind from a growing, hungry goo.  The movie was set not far from our neck of the woods, including The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, where the Blob ate the projectionist, oozed onto the seats, and sent the terrified audience screaming out into Bridge Street.  That “runout” was reenacted Friday night.  If you look closely at the video, there we were, yelling and waving our arms in fear and frenzy – almost as if we were reacting to a class certification ruling in Madison County or the latest screed from Dr. Parisian.  Strange to think that the Blobfest runout, but not the Pamplona running of the bulls, was on our bucket list.

Now comes the ABA’s annual blawgfest.  Mankind certainly isn’t going to get saved by the ABA’s compilation of the 100 best legal blogs, and you might find the incessant trolling for nominations to be cheesy or even terrifying.  The ABA is hoping that its members will send in recommendations for legal blogs.   There is a link here.  The ABA is looking for blog amici briefs, describing in 500 characters or less why a particular legal blog lights up your day.  We cannot nominate ourselves.  Even if we could, that puritan, anti-electioneering Bexis wouldn’t let us.  There are plenty of blawgs out there that we like to read, such as Mass Tort Defense, Abnormal Use, FDA Law, SCOTUS, and many others, and we intend to lodge our Friend of the Blawg briefs on their behalf soon – the
deadline for submissions is August 9, 2013.

Just in case you were wondering whether you should spend any eloquence on our behalf, we hope you will remember how the Drug and Device Law blog has occasionally helped you out with news that was timely, noteworthy, useful, and, sometimes, weird.  For timely, think of our coverage of the developments
and implications in the Bartlett and Weeks cases.  For noteworthy, look at our ruminations on free speech or food labeling law and its implications for our bidness.  For useful, consider all the work we did for you in cobbling together extensive cheat sheets on MDL courts’ interpretations of state law or the finer points of removal.  As for weird, well, there’s an embarrassment of riches, including tales of bizarre depositions or the ramifications of office design.

We do this blog because it is interesting and it is fun.  Recognition and praise are nice, but not necessary.  Whether or not we make it onto some list, we will be back.  Maybe you can stop the Blob.  Maybe.  (At the end of the runout, a man proudly displayed the bucket in which a dormant Blob currently makes its home).  But you can’t stop the DDL blawg.