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We don’t do many “frivolous” posts anymore on the DDL Blog, unlike our earlier days.  We used to do music posts and the like, but as the pandemic got serious, so did we.

But here’s a post that has nothing to do with drug and device product liability litigation, and everything to do with Bexis being an inveterate geography nerd.  Since the Internet can be all things to all people, there is a site for geography nerds called “Worldle.”  Yes, a not-too-subtle play on the much more famous “Wordle” gamesite.

What happens first, when one accesses Worldle, is being presented with a black and white silhouette of the boundaries of one of the world’s 200+ geographical units – ranging from the easily identified boundaries of the USA and China, to the less familiar shapes of Slovenia and Brunei, to the downright obscure shapes of places like Kerguelen Island and the Tokelau Islands.  Depending on how hardcore the player is, these silhouettes can be set to display either the familiar north-at-the-top map layout or random orientations.  A new country silhouette is added every 24 hours.

Worldle gives players up to six guesses at the country name.  Success brings a series of “bonus rounds” – to identify:  (1) the silhouettes of neighboring countries (an extra couple of chances are provided, it varies by the number of neighbors); (2) the country’s capital (three tries); (3) the country’s flag from eight nearby designs (three tries); (4) the country’s population (four ranges); and (5) currency (four choices).

There is also a much easier companion game called “Statele,” which provides an equivalent set of identification questions, but limited to the 50 states of the United States of America.

Give it a try, and let Bexis know how you did.