We share an awful lot of our thoughts with readers of this blog. (Yeah, yeah. We heard you mutter, “Too many.”)

But here’s one we’ve never shared: We’ve often thought that someone should write a book about class actions worldwide. Like Linda Mullenix’s treatise on class actions in state courts, the book would have one

Professor Rachael Mulheron, a law professor at Queen Mary University of London, has prepared a long research paper for the Civil Justice Council assessing the need to reform the “collective redress” tools available under English law.

The paper concludes that the U.K. should make certain reforms, but that it should not adopt American-style class action

The Time Online reports the first settlement of an aggregate lawsuit in the United Kingdom.

A retailer agreed to reimburse 1000 purchasers who overpaid for replica soccer jerseys 20 pounds each.

This is the first settlement announced under the Enterprise Act of 2002, which authorizes proceedings similar in some ways to American-style class actions.


We can’t spell Canada.

We have enough trouble with “USA.”

We don’t speak Canadian.

And we sure as heck don’t do Canadian law.

But just when the United States seems to be coming to its senses about claims for medical monitoring, Canada slipped a gasket. In Peter v. Medtronic, Inc., No. 05-CV-295910CP, slip op. (Ontario

As regular readers of this blog know, we regularly (as in here and here) see the storm clouds of the possibility of overseas class actions.

The Mass Torts Profs Blog reports that lawyers are now threatening to file the first class action (well, “collective action”) in Italy. Here’s a link. The case will

We posted a couple of weeks ago about a new hedge fund that would be investing $100 million to fund litigation in the U.K.

Today, the English legal paper The Lawyer reports that the law firm of Herbert Smith is moving ahead to find outside funding for a litigation matter.

Just when we were exhausted from thinking about product liability developments in the United States, we saw Wednesday’s Times of London. (Yeah — we read everything. Either that, or people send us stuff.)

A British hedge fund has hired a former litigator to invest $100 million to fund plaintiff’s-side litigation in Europe.


Read and

We’ve been hearing distant thunder for a long time. One of us wrote nearly two years ago about the possibility that American-style class action litigation might soon rear its ugly head in Europe. See Mark Herrmann and Richard Elks, “Jumping the Pond,” Pharmaceutical Executive (Sept. 2005). But we were more than a little spooked when