We’re collecting here various thoughts for voir dire questions in drug or device product liability cases that we’ve stumbled across recently. Some of the questions are new and interesting; some are tried and true; all are worth considering before you pick your next jury.


“Has your confidence in the FDA increased, decreased, or stayed

Like Rick Stuhan, who guest-posted here yesterday, we often like jury questionnaires.

Asking potential jurors to complete written questionnaires serves several purposes.

First, written questionnaires can shorten the time needed for voir dire, because questions that would otherwise be asked orally during voir dire will already have been answered in writing. There’s no need

This guest post was written by Richard G. Stuhan. Mr. Stuhan is a partner resident in the Cleveland office of Jones Day. This post is entirely his work. It, of course, represents only his views, and not the views of his clients or firm:

Attitudes toward the use of written juror questionnaires are changing