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We’ve had a couple of complaints that it’s hard to locate on this blog old posts that contain information of interest. (One of those complaints was Beck complaining to Herrmann; the other was Herrmann complaining to Beck.)
To make things easier, here’s an index of all of our posts to date, with hyperlinks to the indexed materials:
Scorecard: Non-Manufacturer, Name-Brand Defendants in Generic Drug Cases (11/12/09)
Actimmune Suit Gutted (11/11/09)
More MDL Panel Empirics (11/10/09)
A Safe Harbor In Arkansas (11/09/09)
Conte’s First Anniversary (11/09/09)
On Punitive Damages (11/05/09)
Erichson On “All-Or-Nothing” Settlements (11/05/09)

Poison Pill In Healthcare Bill (11/03/09)
Cleaning Up The Accutane MDL IBD Cases (11/03/09)
Three Things Around The Web (11/02/09)
More On Mousepads (11/02/09)
Shook Hardy’s Asleep At The Wheel (11/02/09)
Friday Frivolity (10/30/09)
Two Items On The Web Worth Reading (10/30/09)
Three At Last, Three At Last! (10/30/09)
Sprint Fidelis – It’s Not Just Preemption (10/29/09
Witnesses At Today’s Iqbal/Twombly Hearing (10/27/09)
Accutane Plaintiff’s Verdict Reversed (10/27/09)
The NuvaRing Master Complaint Vanishes (10/27/09)
Why Drug Companies Should Beware Of Doing Business In West Virginia (10/26/09)
Sprint Fidelis – Strike Two (State Court Dismissal) (10/23/09)
House Judiciary Hearing On Iqbal (10/23/09)
Discount for MDL/Mini-MDL Webinar (10/23/09)
Latest On Twombly/Iqbal (10/22/09)
Questionable Plaintiff Tactics Hammered In Florida (10/22/09)
An Appellate No-No (10/21/09)
Massachusetts Sort Of Recognizes Medical Monitoring (10/20/09)
Nibble & Kuhn, Attorneys At Law (10/20/09)
Wrighting A Wrong (10/19/09)
Alabama Supreme Court Rejects Medicaid Pricing Claims (10/16/09)
Cy Pres? No Way! (10/15/09)
Interesting U.S. Supreme Court Dictum (10/14/09)
Sorting Through The Free Speech Challenges To The FDA (10/13/09)
Vaccine Preemption Update: Grant Of Cert Likely (10/12/09)
The Twombly Of Scholarship (10/12/09)
Off-Label Promotion – Scratch One Flat Suit (10/09/09)
Off-Label Use – The Times They Are A Changin’ (10/08/09)
Correction To Guest Post “Counting To Seven” (10/07/09)
Third Circuit Speaks On When An MDL Court Can Be Second-Guessed After Remand (10/07/09)
Yeah, Yeah – We Know (10/07/09)
Why Subverting Court Orders Is A Bad Idea (10/06/09)
Counting To Seven: New Federal Rules Change How Due Dates In Litigation Are Calculated (10/05/09)
Allergan’s Free Speech Attack On FDA Regulations (10/03/09)
Okay – Everybody Update Your Briefs (10/02/09)
Removal Round Up (10/01/09)
Another Third-Party Payor Class Action Bites The Dust (10/01/09)
TortsProf Mondays (9/30/09)
A Detour To Pottawattamie County, Iowa (9/29/09)
Muddled Testimony Precludes Class Action (9/29/09)
More On Moving To Dismiss MDL Master Complaints (9/28/09)
Upcoming Speaking Engagements (9/25/09)
Total Recall (9/24/09)
New Article On Free Speech And FDA “Intended Use” Regulations (9/23/09)
1000 Posts! (9/22/09)
Odd Evidentiary Ruling In Philadelphia Paxil Trial (9/21/09)

Recent Scholarship Roundup (9/21/09)
Get 40% Off – Bexis’ Book On Drug/Device Product Liability (9/18/09)
NYT On Accusations Of Ghostwriting (9/18/09)
Limits To Duty (9/17/09)
Better Late Than Never? (9/16/09)
Something Old, Something New: Recent Trials (9/16/09)
Maybe Baying At The Moon Helps (Part II) (9/15/09)
An Odd Device Preemption Tangent (9/15/09)
A Half Pint, After All (Kovach v. Caligor Midwest) (9/14/09)
The “Bisphenol A” Provision Of The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 (9/14/09)
Bexis’ In Box (2009 Edition)
Discount For ACI Drug And Medical Device Conference in NYC (9/10/09)

Guidance On MDL Choice Of Law (9/08/09)
A Rat In The House . . . (Foolish Friday II) (9/04/09)
Today’s Minnesota Supreme Court Decision In Fleeger — Minnesota Is Still The Ellis Island For Old, Tired Products Liability Suits. . . But Not Forever (9/03/09)
Embedded Fraud On The FDA (9/03/09)
Fleeger Will Be Handed Down On Thursday (9/01/09)
Empirics About MDL Panel Decision-Making (9/01/09)
Pre-Service Removal, Yet Again (8/31/09)
Hot Off The Presses – Statute Of Repose Defense Win In Fen-Phen Appeal (8/28/09)
Wordless As The Flight Of Birds (8/28/09)
A Rat In The House. . . (Foolish Friday) (8/28/09)
Bausch & Lomb MoistureLoc MDL Daubert Ruling (8/27/09)
Rule 11 Discovery Allowed In Digitek MDL (8/27/09)
From Zyprexa To Aredia – Summary Judgment And Case Selection (8/27/09)
Health Care (And Tort) Reform (8/26/09)
Reaction To “The Life Expectancy Of A Legal Blog” (8/26/09)
Treating Physicians As Experts (8/25/09)
A RECAP Recap (9/24/09)
The Life Expectancy Of A Legal Blog (8/24/09)
Viagra Causation Goes Limp (8/21/09)
Reconsidering The Master Complaint (8/20/09)
Off-Label Promotion Criminal Trial Begins (8/20/09)
“Litigation Hold” Blog (8/19/09)
Another Scholarship Round-Up (8/18/09)
PACER Has Been Hacked (8/17/09)
Moving To Dismiss MDL Master Complaints (8/17/09)
FDA’s CDER Handbook – Undergoing Revision (8/14/09)
Twombly/Iqbal Requires Identifying Allegedly Violated Statute (8/14/09)
Jersey Barrier Still Stands (8/14/09)
Defense Briefs Filed In Pennsylvania Contingency Prosecution Case (8/13/09)
New Stuff Filed Under “A” (Accutane and Acetabular Hip) (8/12/09)
Epstein On Preemption In Forbes (8/11/09)
D. Utah Goes 1-1-1 (Lake-Allen v. J&J) (8/11/09)
New News On Iqbal (8/10/09)
Scientific Articles As First Amendment Protected Speech (8/07/09)
MDL Panel’s “Guide for MDL Transferee Judges” (8/07/09)
FJC On MDL (8/07/09)
Twombly/Iqbal And Product Liability, How Much Progress Is There? (8/06/09)
Preemption In The Washington Post (8/06/09)
Read The Blog, Luke! (8/04/09)
Preemption in the In Box (8/03/09)
Iqbal Saves Some Dough (8/03/09)

Compounding, Repackaging, or Manufacturing? (7/31/09)
Riegel At 1 1/2: What Do We Know Now About Parallel Violation Claims? (7/30/09)
Does Neurontin Make You Scratch Your Head? (7/30/09)
Beck and Herrmann: Settlement Gurus! (7/28/09)
Removal Based On Misjoinder Of A Treating Physician (7/27/09)
Rimbert – What Goes Around, Comes Around (7/25/09)
Friday Frivolity – Are We All Excommunicated? (7/24/09)
Iqbal And Rule 8: Will Congress Turn Back The Clock? (7/23/09)

Vague Pleading Barred Under Iqbal And/Or Twombly? (7/23/09)
New York Times On Iqbal (7/21/09)
A Trot Through Some Recent Scholarship (7/21/09)
Seroquel Expert Non-Causation Order (7/20/09)
Dr. Strangelove Redux (7/20/09)
Going Our Way? Class Actions, Punitive Damages & Due Process (7/17/09)
Contact Lens Solution – Frye Exclusion (7/16/09)
Wisconsin High Court – Inherent Chemical Characteristics Can’t Be Design Defects (7/15/09)
Fraudulent Joinder Of Sales Representatives (7/14/09)
Yet Another Off-Label Promotion Class Action Dismissed (7/14/09)
Disqualifying An Opposing Expert (7/13/09)
ADE Reports: Redaction Required (7/10/09)
Taking Stock (7/09/09)
Blogging About Blogging (7/08/09)
What’s Up With Colacicco? (7/07/09)
Daubert Gives Plaintiffs A Pain In The Pump (7/07/09)
More On Big Firm Blogging (7/06/09)
Whither The Heeding Presumption? (7/02/09)
Device Preemption Win In Louisiana (7/02/09)
An Avandia Removal Spat (6/30/09)
Another Severance Of Med Mal Claims To Preserve Diversity As To Products Defendants (6/29/09)
Wham, Bam; Thank You, Kamm! (6/29/09)
WSJ On Twombly And Iqbal (6/27/09)
Cost Of Litigation Drives Accutane Off The Market (6/26/09)
Scratch Three More Zyprexa Plaintiffs (6/26/09)
Some Thoughts On Pleading And Proving FDA Actions (6/25/09)
Strike Three; You’re Out! (6/25/09)
The State Of The Big Firm Blogosphere (6/24/09)
Going After Anyone In The Neighborhood (Adelmann-Chester v. Kent) (6/23/09)
Daubert In A Med Mal Context (6/22/09)
Addendum To Yesterday’s Off-Label Use Post (6/19/09)

Our Latest Rant On Off Label Promotion (6/18/09)
Pennsylvania News Flash: Bugosh Appeal Dismissed (6/17/09)
The Volokh Conspiracy On Our Ethics Question (6/16/09)
Calling For The Views Of The Solicitor General (6/16/09)
Taking A Run At Things (6/16/09)
Blast From The Past – A Baycol Affirmance (6/15/09)
Physician Confusion: Do Physicians “Sell” Prescription Drugs? (6/15/09)
An Accutane Appellate Win (6/11/09)
The Learned Intermediary Rule And Expert Witnesses (6/11/09)
Sharkey On “Agency-Forcing” Measures (6/09/09)
Free Webcast On Comparative Effectiveness (6/09/09)
Supreme Court Tantalizes On Vaccine Preemption (6/08/09)
On Weinstein’s Reflections On Administering Complex Litigation (6/08/09)
More Boring Stuff We Need To Know (6/05/09)
Liberal/Conservative Supreme Court Graphic (6/05/09)
More On Pleading In The Wake Of Twombly And Iqbal (6/04/09)
MoistureLoc Daubert Hearing (6/03/09)
Weinstein Grants Two Motions For Summary Judgment In Zyprexa (6/02/09)
The Reviewability Of Remand Orders (6/02/09)
Severing Med Mal Claims To Perfect Federal Jurisdiction (6/01/09)
Welcome, New Readers From Academia! (5/29/09)
Tort Reform In Oklahoma And Ysbrand (5/29/09)
In Praise Of “Short And Plain” Pleadings After Twombly And Iqbal (5/28/09)
A Suggestion For Medical Malpractice Insurers (5/27/09)
On Iqbal and Twombly (5/26/09)
Defendants Aren’t Plaintiffs’ Bagmen (5/22/09)
ALI’s Principles Of The Law Of Aggregate Litigation Now Final – Sort Of (5/21/09)
Administration Takes Preemptive Action (5/21/09)
Preemption Conference in Philadelphia June 3, 2009 (5/19/09)
Off-Label Promotion And RICO (Actimmune) (5/19/09)
On Ex Parte Blogging (5/18/09)
Update On NY Learned Intermediary Bill (5/15/09)
Neurontin Class Certification Denied – Again (5/15/09)
Sprint Fidelis FOIA Spat (5/15/09)
A Device Preemption Quickie — Heisner v. Genzyme (5/14/09)
Weinstein Grants Daubert Motion in Zyprexa MDL (5/13/09)
Hearings On The Medical Device Safety Act of 2009 (5/13/09)
Finalizing ALI’s Principles Of The Law Of Aggregate Litigation (5/12/09)
Pre-Service Removals: They Keep On Coming (5/11/09)
Vioxx Class Action Goes Down to Defeat in California (5/09/09)
Product Liability-Related Medicare Secondary Payor Reporting Delayed (5/08/09)
Strike Suit Strikes Out (5/08/09)
Differential Diagnosis – Sometimes Best Isn’t So Good (5/07/09)
Device Preemption Win In Connecticut (5/07/09)

Pennsylvania Employee Benefit v. Zeneca Remanded to District Court (5/05/09)
Sole Proximate Cause Clarity (5/05/09)
The Personal Genome (5/04/09)
Boring Stuff We Need To Know (4/30/09)
Colacicco Decision On Remand! (4/28/09)
Solicitor General’s Letter In Colacicco On Remand (4/28/09)
REMS Preemption (4/28/09)
On Lexecon Waivers (4/27/09)

Change Coming To Pennsylvania? (4/22/09)
Suing Business Entrepreneurs For Fraudulently Inducing Medical Treatment (4/21/09)
Off-Label Use And Medical Malpractice (4/20/09)
From 510(k) To PMA (4/20/09)
Words We Never Thought We’d Write: “Must Watch YouTube” (4/18/09)
Preemption 2.0 – 2.0 (4/17/09)
Preemption 2.0 (4/17/09)
Medical Monitoring – Another 50-State Survey (4/15/09)
On The “Custom Device” Exemption (4/14/09)
Don’t Mess With Bexis! (4/13/09)
NYU Preemption Symposium Available Online (4/13/09)
Non-Prescribed Plaintiffs, In Pari Delicto, And Duty (4/09/09)
The Web On Wyeth v. Levine (4/07/09)
FAS 5 Update: Report On FASB Roundtable (4/07/09)
Another Levine Client Alert (4/06/09)
Civilization Comes To Canada! (Merck v. Wuttunee) (4/06/09)
Protection Of Customer Lists in Discovery (4/02/09)
Ebel – Affirmed (3/31/09)
Another Look At Some Recent Scholarship (3/31/09)
Tuna That Tastes Good: Tri-Union Seafoods (3/30/09)
Vaccine Act Preemption Affirmed in Bruesewitz (3/27/09)
“Fun” Friday: Academic Earth (3/27/09)
New Drug/Vaccine Preemption Scorecard (3/26/09)
Colacicco Briefing Slightly Postponed (3/25/09)
Calabresi On Preemption (3/24/09)
Colacicco Update – Briefs due 4/1 (3/23/09)
Riegel Redux: Delaney v. Stryker Finds PMA Preemption (3/23/09)
Preemption Still Be-Longs After Levine (3/22/09)
The State-Of-The Art Defense In Drug/Device Cases After Levine (3/20/09)
NJ Vioxx Class Certification Denial (3/18/09)
Class Action Articles Posted To SSRN (3/18/09)
Generic Drugs Meet Levine (3/17/09)
A Riegel Wrinkle: “Adjunct Clinical Trial” Preemption (3/17/09)
Your Humble Scribes On Levine In BNA Product Safety Reporter (3/16/09)
Accutane: McCarrell Remanded For New Trial (3/13/09)
How The Chief Resolved The Recusal Issue (3/13/09)
Everyone’s Talking About Levine (3/13/09)
Device Preemption Bookends (3/12/09)
Updates: Sprint Fidelis and Seroquel MDLs (3/12/09)
Herrmann on Levine in Chicago Tribune (3/12/09)

Reaction to Wyeth v. Levine (3/10/09)
Colacicco and Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund GVR’ed (3/9/09)
Should Congress Distinguish Between Drugs and Devices? (3/9/09)
Dechert Client Alert on Wyeth v. Levine (3/6/09)
Medical Device Safety Act of 2009 (3/5/09)
Wyeth v. Levine and the End of Deregulation (3/5/09)
Not Just Colacicco (3/5/09)
Press Coverage of Levine (3/5/09)
Colacicco Set For Friday, March 6, Conference (3/4/09)
Wyeth v. Levine – First Real Thoughts (3/4/09)
Wyeth v. Levine Decided – No Preemption (3/4/09)
Unrefundable (3/3/09)
Pre-Service Removal — For The Umpteenth Time (3/3/09)
Product Liability Comes To Thailand – Drug/Device Implications (3/2/09)
Abdullah v. Pfizer and the Alien Tort Statute (3/2/09)

Subpoenaing the Enablers (2/27/09)
Class Actions and Punitive Damages – Unconstitutional Together (2/26/09)
Welcome, Lawyers Weekly Readers! (2/26/09)
Following Up On Our Conte Thought Experiment (2/25/09)
Trans-substantivism (2/24/09)
Discount For FDA Bootcamp (2/24/09)
A Thought Experiment On Conte v. Wyeth (2/23/09)
Medical Monitoring In The Air – The Guinan Parody (2/20/09)
Generic Drug Preemption – Reconsideration Denied in Morris (2/20/09)

FAS 5 Update: Roundtable Meeting On March 6 (2/19/09)
Upcoming Events Featuring . . . Us! (2/19/09)
Supplemental PMA = Preemption (2/18/09)
Appeal Allowed in De Bouse v. Bayer (2/17/09)
Good News On The Class Action Front (2/16/09)
We Finally Show Mixed Emotions: Banning DTC Ads For Two Years (2/16/09)
Recusal Follies (2/13/09)
Defeating FDCA-Based Negligence Per Se On State-Law Grounds (2/12/09)
Special Masters Reject Autism-Vaccine Link (2/12/09)
Giles, An SSRI-Suicide Defense Verdict, Affirmed (2/12/09)
Hither And Yon (2/11/09)
Waiting For Levine (2/10/09)
He Likes It — We Think (2/10/09)
The Second Shoe Drops In Seroquel (2/09/09)
Bert Rein On The Politics Of Preemption (2/09/09)

Wyeth Letter To Supreme Court Re Pfizer Acquisition (2/06/09)
The New Voice In The Blogosphere (2/06/09)
No Injury Consumer Fraud Claims (2/05/09)
One Two Medical Device Punch (2/04/09)
Seroquel MDL Summary Judgment Order (2/03/09)
Seroquel MDL: Motions In Limine Granted (2/03/09)
Refunds And Ascertainable Loss (2/03/09)
The Procedural Effect of MDL Master Complaints (2/02/09)
Government By Contingent Fee In Pennsylvania (1/29/09)
Defense Wins Summary Judgment In First Seroquel Test Cases (1/29/09)
A Grace Note To Beisner And Miller (1/28/09)
The Ethics Of Genetic Research (1/27/09)
Ideas For Voir Dire (1/26/09)

Closing The Arguments On Conte (1/22/09)
Conte v. Wyeth: Review Denied (1/21/09)
Using The Internet To Improve Class Actions (1/21/09)
Welcome to the Blogosphere, Russell Jackson! (1/21/09)
How Much Should Judges Make? (1/20/09)
Wait! Blogging Works! (1/20/09)
The Role Of Inside Counsel In Deposition Preparation (1/19/09)
Second Circuit Agrees To Review Weinstein’s Zyprexa Class Certification (1/16/09)
A Push Away From 510(k)? (1/16/09)
To Cert. Or Not To Cert. (1/16/09)
Thoughts On The New FDA Guidance On Off-Label Information (1/15/09)
A Quick Apology (1/15/09)
Welcome, . . . Blogosphere! (1/14/09)
Guest Post – In Defense Of Preemption & FDA Regulatory Authority (1/13/09)
The New Meaning of “Global Coordinating Counsel” (1/13/09)
S. Ct. Order List (1/12/09)
Blogging As A Business Development Tool (1/12/09)
What’s Not Up With Off-Label Use Economic Loss Claims (1/08/09)

Lanier on Torts at Harvard (1/07/09)
Pseudoephedrine Nuisance Claims Rejected (1/06/09)
Judicial Wisdom (1/06/09)
Sprint Fidelis Preemption Decision – Yessssss (1/06/09)
Oy, Canada! (1/05/09)
Happy New Year on the Class Action Front (12/31/08)
Top Ten Best And Worst Prescription Drug/Medical Device Decisions of 2008 – The Best (12/30/08)
Regulatory Preemption – Class II Devices and Special Controls (12/29/08)
Polar Bears Nudge The MDL Panel In A Helpful Direction (12/29/08)
Supreme Court Conference 1/9/09 (12/23/08)

Off-Label Promotion MDL Dismissed Under FDCA (12/23/08)
Top Ten Best And Worst Prescription Drug/Medical Device Decisions of 2008 – The Worst (12/23/08)
A Gripe With A Piece of Scientific Literature (12/22/08)
Preemption and Investigational Devices After Riegel (12/19/08)
Bong Water Blues (12/19/08)
Informal Physician Interviews – Where It’s Kosher; Where It’s Not (12/18/08)
Gunvalson v. PTC Therapeutics: Injunction Reversed (12/16/08)
New York, New York (Reprise) (12/16/08)
Amending FAS 5 — An Update (12/16/08)
Blog Honors (12/16/08)
On Communicating By E-Mail (12/16/08)
What Does Good Say For Levine? (12/15/08)
Altria v. Good Decided (12/15/08)
A Look At Some Recent Scholarship (12/15/08)
DoJ/FDA Take Positions On Section 337(a), “Parallel” Requirements Litigation (12/11/08)
Implied Attorney-Client Privilege Waivers: Hearn Gets Burned (12/09/08)
Avoiding Mass Torts: Pre-Litigation Counseling (12/08/08)
Irrelevance of Pending Legislation (12/05/08)
Umm . . . What He Said (12/04/08)
Defendants Oppose Certiorari in Colacicco (12/03/08)
Gunvalson v. PTC Argument Date (12/03/08)
Another Milestone: 150 Countries! (12/03/08)
DRI Drug/Device Webinar (12/02/08)
The Biomaterials Access Assurance Act of 1998 (12/02/08)
We’re In The ABA Journal Blawg 100! (12/01/08)
Not Quite Buckman Preemption (Devore v. Pfizer) (12/01/08)
Happy Preemption Thanksgiving (11/27/08)
Preemption Without A Prescription (11/25/08)

Tennessee Rejects Consumer Fraud Class Actions (Walker v. Sunrise Pontiac) (11/24/08)
How To Prepare Motions In Limine (11/20/08)
Richard Epstein In Forbes On Wyeth v. Levine (11/18/08)
Using Biomarkers To Foment, Or Resolve, Litigation (11/18/08)
Another Buckman Preemption Case (Grange v. Mylan) (11/17/08)
More On E-Discovery For Defendants (11/14/08)
Pardon Our Appearance. . . . (11/14/08)
More Thoughts On Conte v. Wyeth (11/13/08)
Hats Off To “Above The Law” (11/13/08)
Three News Items For Our Friends (11/12/08)
We’re On Twitter! (11/12/08)
Michael Hausfeld “Expelled” From Cohen Milstein (11/11/08)
A Class Action Settlement Rant (TJX Security Breach Litigation) (11/11/08)
If Not Reliance, Then Remoteness (11/10/08)
He Who Fights And Runs Away . . . (11/10/08)
Generic Drug – Pioneer Liability (11/07/08)
It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good (11/07/08)
Our Own Analysis Of The Wyeth v. Levine Oral Argument (11/06/08)
Reading Tea Leaves: Obama’s Appointments At FDA (11/06/08)
Addendum To Report From The Field On Levine Argument (11/05/08)
Welcome, California Lawyer Readers! (11/05/08)
Press Coverage Of The Levine Argument (11/04/08)
A Curmudgeonly Interview (11/04/08)
Transcript Of Levine Argument (11/03/08)
Other Reports On The Levine Argument (11/03/08)
Wyeth v. Levine: Our Reporter From The Field (11/03/08)
The Levine Argument: More Early Returns (11/03/08)
Wyeth v. Levine Argument – Early Returns (11/03/08)
Welcome To The Blogosphere, DRI! (11/03/08)
Carve Your On-Line Pumpkin (10/31/08)
Wyeth Letter To Supreme Court re Waxman Report (10/31/08)
Our Kingdom For A Post (On The Levine Argument) (10/31/08)
Interlocutory Appeal Granted In Knipe (10/31/08)
A Halloween Special: Bodysnatchers! And Jujyfruits! (10/31/08)
Cong. Waxman Positions For The Levine Argument (10/30/08)
Our Terrible Twos! (10/30/08)
Everything You Need To Know About Wyeth v. Levine, From A Defense Perspective (10/29/08)
Welcome, ABA Journal Readers! (10/28/08)
Learned Intermediary Doctrine In Puerto Rico (10/28/08)
Does Tort Litigation Improve Drug Safety? (10/27/08)
Federal Circuit Upholds “Reverse Payment” Patent Settlements (10/24/08)
An ER Doc’s Take On Preemption (10/24/08)
Interesting New PMA Device Preemption Case (10/24/08)
Partial SJ In One Of The “Bodysnatcher” Cases (10/23/08)
Sleeper Case, Sleeper Issue (10/23/08)
Kotler’s Alternative To Standard Preemption Analysis (10/23/08)
National Politics And Product Liability Settlements (10/22/08)
Obama Wins! (10/21/08)
Preemption In The Context Of Off-Label Uses (10/20/08)
Nailing Jell-O To A Wall (10/17/08)
Baron Receives Tysabri (10/17/08)
Bextra and Celebrex Cases Settled (10/17/08)

Fred Baron and Compassionate Use (10/16/08)
Off-Label Use – Yet Again (10/15/08)
The End Of Securities Fraud Class Actions, Part II (10/15/08)
A Final MDL Timing Issue (10/15/08)
Friend Of The Court Briefs in Gunvalson v. PTC (10/14/08)
Cert. Granted in McDarby (10/13/08)
The Brokers With Hands On Their Faces Blog (10/13/08)
Troy and Wood on Preemption (10/13/08)
Preemption Smackdown in DC – 10/29/08 (10/10/08)
Principles Of Aggravated. . . Er. . .Aggregated Litigation (10/09/08)
Updates (10/08/08)
Sebok & Zipursky on Preemption, Part II (10/08/08)
Colacicco Cert Petition Filed (10/08/08)
Welcome, ReachMD Listeners (10/08/08)
Salmon Swim To The Solicitor General (10/07/08)
Genetic Damage As Compensable Injury (10/07/08)
In The Deserts Of New Mexico (10/06/08)
Why You Need To Bookmark Point of Law (10/03/08)
Learned Intermediary Rule 201 (10/02/08)
Another Off-Topic Post: En Banc Permitted in Ohio (10/02/08)
The End Of Securities Fraud Class Actions? (10/02/08)
The Vioxx ADVANTAGE Trial (10/01/08)
A Note On Ackermann v. Wyeth, Learned Intermediaries, and the Heeding Presumption (9/30/08)
Interesting Stuff On The Web (9/29/08)
Living On The Point Of The Spear (9/25/08)
More On New FRE 502 (9/25/08)
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Untitled (as in “untitled letters”) (8/14/07)

(b)(2) Becomes (b)(3) Buynie v. Airco (8/12/07)
Abigail Alliance and the Volokh Conspiracy (8/10/07)
More on Milberg (8/10/07)
No constitutional right to compassionate use of unapproved drugs (8/9/07)
Excluding foreign regulatory activities (8/7/07)
Solving the inequality of scientific articles offered to show “notice” (8/5/07)
Seen on a t-shirt (8/4/07)
Former class members sue Milberg Weiss (8/3/07)
Preemption and pre-market approved medical devices – the hits keep on coming (8/2/07)
Why we’re proud to support off-label use (8/2/07)
A Daubert victory (Ervin v. J&J) (7/31/07)
Crediting preemption: Credit Suisse IPO case strengthens the FDA’s argument for the preemption of state law failure-to-warn claims (7/30/07)
Daubert versus Parklane Hosiery (7/29/07)
Vaccine preemption – A murder at the Bates Motel? (7/26/07)
Antidepressant-suicide trial (7/26/07)

Does the rise of the consumer fraud class action mean the decline of the learned intermediary doctrine? Nah! (7/23/07)
Daubert decision in Baycol raises interesting legal points (7/19/07)
Why the changing face of the MDL Panel won’t change the outcome of your transfer motion (7/17/07)

Reasonable degree of medical certainty redux (7/12/07)
News flash: CAFA is working (7/9/07)

In defense of the learned intermediary rule (7/6/07)
Headcount: Who’s adopted the learned intermediary rule? (7/5/07)
And then there were seven (7/3/07)
Take me home, country roads (W. Va. rejects learned intermediary doctrine) (7/1/07)
Thank you! (7/1/07)
Striking back at strike suits (6/28/07)
News from NJ HRT litigation (6/28/07)
Danger from another corner: Third party claims against pharmaceutical and medical device companies (6/26/07)

Cert granted in Riegel (6/25/07)

$3.7 million in fees for a $4000 recovery (Vioxx fee award) (6/23/07)
Congressional preemption watch – good news (6/22/07)
Informed consent and FDA regulatory status – oil and water still don’t mix (6/21/07)
The FDA bill – more on what Congress might do with preemption (6/19/07)
Minnesota — on the road to recovery (6/19/07)

The week that was — to Z (Zyprexa preemption decision) (6/16/07)
The week that was, from A — (Accutane Daubert decision) (6/16/07)

How lawyers’ ads hurt patients (6/16/07)
Preemption finally surfaces in FDA-related legislation (6/14/07)
Watson – sifting through the rubble (6/14/07)
Preemption news (Colacicco v. Apotex) – revised (6/13/07)
California dreaming – inadequate class representation (6/13/07)
Compliance with FDA regulations as a defense (6/12/07)

Of inconsistent standards and conflicting requirements (6/10/07)
Statistics and similar occurrences (6/7/07)
Clash of privilege waiver and expert disclosure rules (6/5/07)

Anatomy of a mass tort (6/2/07)
Welcome, Continental fliers! (6/1/07)
Long overdue retirement for anything goes pleading (Twombly) (5/31/07)
Proposed Fed. R. Evid. 502 – an update (5/30/07)

“Relatedness” assessments (In re Accutane) (5/28/07)
Preemption lite (5/24/07)
Riegel v. Medtronic – The Solicitor General weighs in on medical device preemption (5/23/07)
A preemption tangent (Watters v. Wachovia Bank) (5/22/07)

Preemption news (Colacicco v. Apotex) (5/21/07)
Preemption news (Levine v. Wyeth) (5/21/07)
Contingent fees and government lawyers (5/19/07)
Picking spots in preemption cases (5/17/07)
An empirical study of the value of impeaching with prior inconsistent statements (5/15/07)

Agency deference prevents “evisceration” of the FDCA regulatory scheme (5/15/07)
Welcome, DRI (and Cali drug cartel) (5/12/07)
The privilege and public relations firms (5/11/07)
Latest draft of ALI principles of aggregate litigation: Three steps forward, two steps back (5/9/07)
Million-dollar wise, and billion-dollar foolish (Kelly v. Ford) (5/8/07)
More of our space on the web (5/5/07)
Finger lickin’ good (5/4/07)
Municipal cost recovery rule restricts government tort suits (5/3/07)
FDA proposes new antidepressant suicide warnings (5/2/07)
Colacicco appellate status (5/2/07)
CAFA’s mass torts provisions: Lowery (4/30/07)
Our space on the web (4/28/07)
Preemption and FDA archaeology (4/26/07)
Reader response to “shouting credibility” (4/24/07)
Why the Texas Vioxx decision matters (4/22/07)
“If only my expert had treated me”: “Reasonable” physicians don’t prove warning causation (4/19/07)
Shouting “credibility” and praying for trial (4/17/07)

Why does preemption matter? (4/15/07)
ALI draft would abolish “reasonable degree of professional certainty” requirement (4/12/07)
A very brief add-on (4/11/07)

Filing fees due after severance for misjoinder (4/10/07)
MDL choice of law: Direct filing stipulations (4/7/07)

Restricting government by contingent fee — a welcome development (4/6/07)
“Changes being effected” labeling and novelty (4/5/07)
Have you ever sent an opinion to your client? (4/4/07)
Okay, we missed one (4/3/07)
A medical monitoring compendium (4/3/07)
We like Sykes (3/31/07)
Welcome sanity in New Jersey (3/29/07)

The jurisdictional amount under CAFA (3/27/07)

If not preemption, then regulatory compliance (3/25/07)

Cross-jurisdictional class action tolling – a bridge too far (3/22/07)

Stays pending Rule 23(f) appeals (3/20/07)

Storm clouds nearing (overseas class actions) (3/18/07)

How able is Grable to support removal? (3/15/07)
A securities case worth reading (Citizens Insurance) (3/13/07)

Should Lexecon be overruled? (3/11/07)

It’s our blog; we’re allowed! (3/11/07)

Regulatory compliance and punitive damages (3/8/07)

“Lexecon waivers”: Another prohibited MDL practice? (3/6/07)

Epstein on FDA drug preemption (3/4/07)

Implied warranty – Pennsylvania has a better idea (3/1/07)

Williams v. PM and the passing of punitive damages class actions (2/27/07)
Nagareda (implicitly) on preemption case selection (2/26/07)

The bridges from Madison county (2/25/07)

The Illinois Jensen case – a class action cautionary tale (2/22/07)

Another stray thought on Williams v. PM (2/22/07)

Proposed Fed. R. Evid. 502 (2/21/07)

Send them a message (2/20/07)

Philip Morris v. Williams decided (2/20/07)

Punitive damages make the news (2/20/07)

A note on FDA politics (2/19/07)

HIPAA does not preempt state litigation practice (2/15/07)

Chaining the muse (2/14/07)

Keeping the label out of the case (2/13/07)

Approaches to coding documents (2/11/07)

Making book on the MDL Panel (2/9/07)

31 (or more) reasons to watch ALI’s principles of the law of aggregate litigation (2/8/07)

Pediatric suicide rates (2/6/07)

(b)(1)(A) begone! (2/5/07)

Bone screws and informed consent (2/4/07)

Deconstructing the duty to test (2/1/07)

Silly MDL tricks (1/30/07)

Litigation preparedness and IT upgrades (1/29/07)
CAFA and choice of law (1/27/07)
More thoughts on pharmaceutical class actions (1/26/07)
Defenses to FDCA-based negligence per se (1/25/07)
2003 amendment to Rule 23 (1/24/07)
Plaintiffs’ counsel “hijacking” the news cycle (1/22/07)
Rule 706 experts on e-discovery (1/22/07)
Zyprexa First Amendment hearing (1/20/07)
Hearings on Hatch-Waxman settlements (1/19/07)
Ruminations on bellwether trials (1/19/07)

Guest Post – Medical monitoring, prescription products and ALI (1/19/07)
The First Amendment and off-label use (1/17/07)
Another off-topic post: Overtime wage litigation (1/17/07)
More on multiple misjoinders (1/16/07)
An off-topic post: Judicial pay (1/15/07)
Zyprexa and the First Amendment (1/15/07)
An MDL bibliography (1/12/07)
Class actions – merits review is “in” in the Second Circuit (1/12/07)
Mass torts and multiple misjoinders (1/11/07)
Law and science (1/10/07)
The apocalypse is upon us (overwarnings) (1/9/07)
Advice for the MDL Panel (1/6/07)
Mass torts in state courts (1/5/07)
Colacicco delayed (1/5/07)
Medical device preemption and forms of FDA approval (1/5/07)
Dog bites man (MDL transferee court power) (1/4/07)
.05 versus 51% (1/2/07)
Territoriality and punitive damages (12/29/06)
Amending California’s “mini MDL” statute (12/27/06)
Preemption of “Black Box” warning claims (12/20/06)
Zyprexa protective order update (12/20/06)
Reprocessing single-use medical devices (12/19/06)
Take our second thesis – please! (Protective orders) (12/18/06)
Drug preemption cases (12/15/06)
The FDA’s amicus briefs on preemption (12/14/06)
Nagareda on preemption (12/14/06)
Just to show off (a Curmudgeonly podcast) (12/14/06)
Consumer reaction to off-label use (12/12/06)
Judge Weinstein proposes amending CAFA (12/11/06)
Take our thesis – please! (Class action notice) (12/9/06)
Colacicco appellate briefs (12/8/06)
MDL Panel statistics on mass torts (12/8/06)
Heedless use of heeding preemptions (12/8/06)
Interlocutory appeals in MDLs (12/7/06)
Choice of law in class actions (St. Jude Medical) (12/2/06)
Buckman scorned (implantable defibrillators) (11/30/06)
Medical device preemption (11/30/06)
Federal courts should remember federalism (11/28/06)

A Vioxx aside: Master MDL complaints (11/25/06)
The presumption against preemption (11/15/06)
MDLs in 2006 (11/15/06)