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Long before the Supreme Court decided Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org., 142 S. Ct. 2228 (2022), Bexis was concerned that FDCA preemption would be dragged into the country’s culture wars by the abortion issue.  He hoped the Supreme Court would adhere to long-established precedent and thus keep FDCA preemption out of politics and in product liability litigation where it belonged.  Dobbs extinguished that hope (and many others), so Bexis decided that he might as well embrace the inevitable.

He proposed writing his own law review article on this subject – about which he knows as much as anyone – to the Food & Drug Law Institute.  FDLI accepted the proposal, and now, over a year later, the article is now published:  Beck, Danziger, Johansen & Hayes, “Federal Preemption & the Post-Dobbs Reproductive Freedom Frontier,” 78(2) Food & Drug L.J. 109 (2023).  The article is available to the public at the journal’s website, here.  Bexis hardly did this alone, being ably assisted by three (then) Reed Smith colleagues, Philip W. Danziger, Sarah B. Johansen, and Andrew R. Hayes.Continue Reading Bexis Publishes Article Applying FDCA Preemption to Medication Abortions

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Politics makes strange bedfellows.  So does the law.  Weird cases also make weird law.  The Supreme Court decision in National Pork Producers Council v. Ross, No. 21–468, — S. Ct. — , 2023 WL 3356528 (U.S. May 11, 2023) (“NPP”), evidences each of those old saws.  Deciphering just what the Supreme Court held entails

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Lawyers really like to be right.  This dive into the latest on reproductive rights in the context of challenges to FDA’s regulation of a prescription medication is an instance where we wish we had not been right with some of our predictions.  Back when the Dobbs decision had been leaked but not yet issued, we