We thought we were on a winning streak on medical monitoring.   In August, we blogged about plaintiff lawyers stumbling in their efforts to walk the not-quite-yet-injury line.  https://www.druganddevicelawblog.com/2017/08/monitoring-the-death-of-medical-monitoring.html   In September, we blogged about a denial of a medical monitoring class action because the issues were more specific than common. https://www.druganddevicelawblog.com/2017/09/medical-monitoring-class-certification-fails.html.  But with the falling

If not yet dead, the medical monitoring claim itself is hooked up to monitors and the prognosis is not good. It’s dying from a self-inflicted injury, which paradoxically is its lack of injury. Class action plaintiffs’ lawyers, the lawyers who have largely filed these claims, despise physical injuries. Physical injuries come with differences, and differences