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We have seen a number of consumer fraud class action cases brought over a range of fairly ticky tacky issues about OTC drugs and consumer products.  California law and courts have been fairly favorable to these cases, which follow a pattern of a test plaintiff seeking to represent some large class because (s)he claims to

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We write a lot of briefs involving federal preemption and Class III medical devices with premarket approval (or “PMA”).  Many of those briefs are in support of motions to dismiss lawsuits brought by attorneys who don’t regularly practice in the pharmaceutical and medical device product liability space. 

The complaints filed by such attorneys often are

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Before we dive into today’s case, Avrin v. Mentor Worldwide LLC, 2024 WL 115672 (C.D. Cal. March 15, 2024), we offer two preliminary observations:

1. We love to hear from our readers.  Sometimes we get emails commenting on a post.  Often, those comments arrive in the form of gushing reviews. That’s nice.  Less often

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Today’s guest post is by Amy McVeigh and Jessica Farmer, who are partners at Holland & Knight. They comment on the demise of another purported class action against a manufacturer of hydrogen peroxide, which is an FDA-regulated over-the-counter (“OTC”) drug. As always our guest posters deserve 100% of the credit (and any blame)

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In Puerto Rico v. Franklin-California Tax-Free Trust, 579 U.S. 115 (2016) (initially discussed here), the Supreme Court drove a stake through the heart of the misbegotten “presumption against preemption” in express preemption cases.

[B]ecause the statute contains an express pre-emption clause, we do not invoke any presumption against pre-emption but instead focus on

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Happy Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, we will discuss a court decision that we love.

Preemption and the Ohio Product Liability Act (OPLA) are two of the best friends a drug/device defense lawyer has.  Both show up in Groeschen v. Alcon Laboratories, Inc., 2024 Ohio Misc. LEXIS 2 (Ohio Ct. Comm. Pleas Feb. 2, 2024). As

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We’ve pointed out several times recently (and will be pointing out in an ACI presentation today) that cases against over the counter (OTC) drugs are on the uptick. Why?  Here’s our theory: there are lots of OTC consumers, hence lots of potential plaintiffs, and there are no pesky learned intermediaries, which means that plaintiffs can